The official Instapaper client

Firstly, congratulations to Marco Arment and Mobelux on the release of the official Instapaper client for Android. It’s beautiful work, merging some of Android’s best features with Instapaper’s design and doing so wonderfully. I look forward to seeing how the Mobelux team build on this first release.

So what does this mean for Papermill?

In short: good things.

Firstly, development of Papermill will continue. A release featuring folder support will be out shortly. I still have plans for a larger range of fonts, better tablet-specific support, and featured content, amongst other features. Development will slow down once major features are in place but I don’t plan on stopping completely.

Secondly, Papermill is now cheaper - $0.99 or your approximate local equivalent.

Thirdly, I will eventually be open-sourcing some aspects of Papermill on Github. This won’t happen anytime soon (due mostly to a lack of time) but I plan on open-sourcing the UI structure with a view to it serving as a simple template for anyone wanting to develop their own app.

Thanks to those you continue to support Papermill’s development. Matt and I look forward to making it even better.

- Ryan